About Us

At the heart of Bible Blessings® Co is the concept of "Help Us Help Others.” Bible Blessings® was born from the desire to blend faith and fashion while affording us the opportunity to bless others. All of our products are made of the highest quality materials available; each containing its own Unique Christian identification. Christianity exudes compassion, kindness and faith, and it was through this exuberance that the idea for The Bible Blessings® Co was born. At the core of the Bible Blessings’® team is a group of individuals that have served the fashion community for decades. This collective experience, coupled with the desire to somehow give back, planted the seed for Bible Blessings®.
The foundation of Bible Blessings® is one of "pay it forward.” The pay it forward concept is two-fold: first, with the purchase of every Bible Blessings® product, the company will donate 10% of the purchase price to St. Jude Children's Hospital, helping us to help others; second, Bible Blessings® invites others worldwide to join our family by becoming independent sales representatives promoting unique products that celebrate Christianity through fashion.
Our company mission is simple: “With every purchase of a Bible Blessings® product comes a blessing to another human being.”
You, our customer, are the most important person to us.
You are more than a visitor to our business. You are the reason we are in business.
You are not dependent on us. We are dependent on you.
You are not an outsider. You are part of our family.
You are a blessing to us.
You are what makes us.
You help us share our faith when you share your faith.





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