The Details

All of our products are made of the highest quality materials available; each containing its own Christian identification. Our jean-style belts have hand-sewn waxed cording securing the strap to the buckle and offering seven-hole choices for proper sizing. Our reversible styles are uniquely designed to feature a mechanism that gives the appearance of a non-reversible belt – a design exclusive to Bible Blessings Co®. The nickel finish metal buckles and ornaments will not tarnish.

All of the metal ornaments are securely inlaid and lie flush with the leather surface allowing for smooth movement between belt loops. The solid construction of our straps and buckles will bring years of blessed enjoyment.

We take great pride in producing products that will endure the test of time and will become more beautiful with age.

Our signature belt features soft Italian hand-finished leathers with characteristics unique to each strap. Hand-stitched waxed cording attaches the belt strap to our signature BB buckle. The buckle is made of zinc metal with a fine brushed nickel finish. The center cross is uniquely highlighted in gold.



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